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Cerveza Cucapá

Cucapa Logo Cerveceria de Baja California (founded in 2002), is located in the City of Mexicali, and is one of the handful of Mexican Microbrews. The product they brew is Cucapá Beer. This name comes from one of the five Indian tribes that live in the Mexicali Valley. The Cucapá tribe was the first settlers of the region and the love for water and nature took them to live in the delta of the Colorado River.

The tradition of nature, the water of the river, the geographical location and the initiative of being the first people to explore the region is what makes Cerveza Cucapá as unique as their ancestors.

Vist their Web Site at: www.cucapa.com

NEW ITEM: Cucapá Barleywine - we distribute this finalist in the 2007 Toronado Barleywine Fest on tap with only about 10 places in all San Diego! Look for this rare beer!

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Cucapá Clasica
Lager Beer, type pilsner. This beer has a slightly golden color, with characteristic malt favor.
4.5% Alc. Vol.

Cucapá Obscura
This American Style Dark Ale is elaborated with 4 types of malts, which gives it an excellent and fresh taste.
4.5% Alc. Vol.

Cucapá Trigueña
This Ale beer has a clear and light color because it is made of wheat giving it a great and smooth taste.
3.5% Alc. Vol.

Cucapá Barleywine
This English style barleywine has a dark reddish mahogany color. A rich, thick entry leads to a very sweet molasses and chocolate covered citrus flavors. Finishes with a mild, bittering hop fade.
10% Alc. Vol.